Add Design To Your Clansite!

Do you want to attract new members?

Make an impression on and off the game server. Making the most of your New Clansite is all part of attracting and keeping good clan members. We have some tips on how to make quick changes that will make your clansite look sharp and have fun doing it too.

Step 1:
  • Create A Title Image:
    The Title Image is just that, a larger image at the top of your clansite that acts as a big title for your site. 

    Using any image manipulation program that can output a .gif or .jpg image, develop your clan's unique "Title Image". We suggest making the image no larger than 800 X 200. The best size for a title image is more like 575 X 200. Using our suggested image size allows for any screen resolution to work well with your site, even 800x600!

    When you upload your title image we check for image size in bytes not pixels. The image must be less than 150K. A good title image should include your clan's name as well as pictures/imagery that represent the games you play, your philosophy and/or the attitude of your clan to the best of your ability.

    Title Image (Customer Example):

    See it   IN USE

    NOTE: It is perfectly fine to create a "Title Image" that is nothing more than your clan name using a cool font. Whatever works! Using no image at all is perfectly fine too. You can always keep the Clantoolz default image as well.

Step 2:
  • Upload The Title Image:

    1. Login to your clansite.
    2. In the top or side navigation click Features.
    3. Find Admin Section and click it.
    4. Re-enter password.
    5. Click on Main Site Configuration
    6. Find the Title Image Location field.
    7. Click it's Upload button.
    8. Click Browse and find your local directory where your Title Image is stored.
    9. Select the Image and click Open
    10. Click Upload File
    11. Wait for Dialog that says Upload Successful.
    That is It. You should see your new title image at the top of the page.

Step 3:
  • Create A Color Scheme:
    The Next Step to completing a clansite design is a color scheme. Each Clansite has it's own Admin Section including a complete set of color control panels allowing for complete color scheme control. Change font types, font colors, table and cell colors, scroll bar colors, etc... 

    1. Login to your clansite.
    2. In the top or side navigation click Features.
    3. Find Admin Section and click it.
    4. Re-enter password.
    5. Click on Color Configuration
    6. Start Experimenting.
    7. Click on Drop Down Menu Configuration
    8. Start Experimenting.
    9. Click on Online Users Configuration
    10. Start Experimenting.
    Each of these three sections has color controls, and the only way to create the right color scheme for the complete clansite is to experiment with all of them.. (A LOT!).

    Color Configuration-
    The Color Configuration console or "Main Color Control" is broken up into 5 sections:
    • FONTS
    • Edit all the font parameters (type, color, size, etc..) associated with a clansite in this section. Think about the fonts you assign! Not all users have the font set you have. Assigning fonts that are obscure or none existant on most other users machines without leaving in a common font can be a bummer for other users. Put all the fonts you include in the order you would like them to degrade.