Below is the Clansite FAQ, an overview of our Clansite Hosting Service.
More Detailed Information regarding Clansite operation and other related issues
can be found at  Clansite Support Forum.

What is a Clansite?
What are the Features?
No Development Required
Personalize with Images
Personalize by Changing Table, Border, and Font Colors
Features ON/OFF
Clan Member Admin
World Class Forums
Create Photo Albums
Events Calendar
Guest Book
Files Section
Clan Information
Password Protected
Extra Pages
Clan Member Listing
Admin Section
More, More, More...
What makes Clantoolz different?
How does Clansite Hosting work?
How much does a Clansite cost?
How do I Create a Clansite Account?
What is an "Account"?
"Account Admin" VS. "Clansite Admin"?
How do I Close an "Account"?
Can I use my own Domain Name(s)?

Clantoolz.com has been the Premier Clansite Hosting Provider since 2001, and continues to supply the gaming community with innovative tools to make clan management easier. We are "Proud to Serve" the gaming community in the best way we know how, through Unique Innovation and Superior Service.

All of us at Clantoolz.com would like to thank our past, current, and future customers for helping us realize our visions and for embracing our efforts.

Primary Service:
Clansite Hosting- "Clansite"- A pre-developed yet highly customizable website designed for managing clans, and hosted by Clantoolz.com.

Support Services include:
Clansite Listings- The Clansite Listing is the best way to find other member clansites and their players on our network. This allows you to see what other people are doing with their Clansites and interact with their members through their clansite board and other clansite functions. The Clansite Listing is available through the Clantoolz.com main site.

Domain Name Set-up- Use your own domain names with our sites. Using DNS we can configure any Clantoolz Clansite to operate under a unique domain* such as (www.clanname.com). *(You must have ownership and change name servers for your domain)

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What Is A Clansite?
A Clansite is a website designed for managing the day-to-day logistics of a multiplayer gaming clan. A Clansite from Clantoolz.com is a Pre-Developed "Highly Customizable" Clan Website designed specifically for Elite Gamer Clan Management.

Start with our Highly Customizable Template..


Edit using the Extensive Admin Section...



Simply put... Clantoolz Clansites are the easiest way to host and manage a clan website without ever having to develop a line of code. Our Clansites are a collection of Advanced Clan Management Tools including an Events Calendar, Board/Forum, News, Polls, Photo Albums, Guest Book, Clan Member Listing, Top Poster Display, Newsletter Subscriber, Extra Pages, Site Search, Web Search, GameTiger Search, More...
All rolled up into one complete Ready to Use Website.

WE DO NOT... Host Blank Web Space. Our clansites come Complete, Ready to Use, and Hassle Free.

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What Are The Features?
No Development Required.
A Clansite from Clantoolz is completely developed and ready to use. Just add members, content, & attitude.

Personalize with Images.
Using the admin section of your clansite, you can upload and add your own Title Image, and Site Background images into your Clansite layout.

Personalize by Changing Table, Border, and Font Colors.
Using the admin section you can choose any color scheme you wish for your Clansite.

Features ON/OFF.
Your can change which features you want to appear on the site at any time using the admin section.

Clan Member Admin.
Add, Delete, Promote and Demote members using the admin section.

World Class Forums.
We have integrated Advanced Snitz forums into every Clantoolz Clansite.

Create Photo Albums.
Create photo albums by uploading screen shots and other images to your own clansite directory for use in your site, and photo album section.

Events Calendar.
Schedule events using the calendar admin. Include images and game icons for your practices, meeting, matches...

Create as many polls on your website as you want, in the forums area. You can review bar graph results of your polls, and insert your favorite poll into the homepage "Featured Poll".

Guest Book.
Invite visitors and guests to sign your homepage guest book.

Files Section.
Post links to needed files directly through the files section admin.

Clan Information.
Post your "Clan Rules" and how to "Join our clan" using the admin section.

Distribute your own newsletter to your clan members via e-mail.

Password Protected.
Access to the Admin Section and other edit functions of your Clansite are restricted by password login. As Clan Leader you possess the ability to determine all clan member access levels giving you total control over each members permissions.

Extra Pages.
An unlimited amount of extra pages are available per clansite. These blank pages can be titled, added or deleted, and can contain HTML or text. The Information drop down or left menu is used to "Add New Page" and each page admin is used to post, edit, or delete the page.

Clan Members Listing.
Display the members of your clan with links to their profiles.

Admin Section.
Extensive clansite administration can be performed throughout your clansite via the Main Admin section and/or Feature Admin sections.

More, More, More...
A Complete Instruction Set for all Clansite features can be found in the
Clansite Support Forum.

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What Makes Clantoolz Different?
Clansite Hosting is very different from blank web hosting offered by providers on the web. We have created a Premier Collection of clan management tools we call a "Clansite". Having a Clansite from Clantoolz.com will allow you to manage and organize your clan better than you ever have before. Included in your new clansite is a powerful feature set of Browser Based Management Tools designed specifically for clans and clan management.

A Clantoolz Clansite is designed to maximize your clan organizing and game time while Eliminating Web Development completely. Our intent is to allow your Online Gaming to become the focus of your time, with No Web Development.

We also understand that having a Clan is all about  Clan Identity, so we've included tools that allow you to Personalize Your Site using a built-in Admin Section.


In Addition, each Website Account comes with Password Protection. Logging on gives you access to all the editing capabilities of your Clansite Admin and includes the ability to determine clan member access levels, giving you total control over permissions.

All the tools that come with your Clansite account are designed to be "Quick" and
"Easy to Edit". All the features of a Clantoolz Clansite are managed directly through your browser anywhere you have Internet access.

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How does Clansite Hosting work?
When you sign up for a Clantoolz Clansite Account you receive a Unique Clansite with a Unique Web Address. This Web Address or URL will be a Clantoolz.com based domain with the unique identifier you choose at sign up. For example the URL for the clan "GamerClan" could be this:


When the transaction process is completed you will be able to find your New Clansite at the Unique Account URL you chose.

If your interested in having Your Own Domain Names (www.myclan.com) function as a Clansite and completely operate under your own domain, you can accomplish this by following the instructions for domain name additions in our  Clansite Support Forum.

During sign up you will be asked to submit a user name and password. This is your login for all the features of your Clantoolz account. Logging in gives you total control of your account, allowing you to:
Add Forum Members, Clan Members and Set Access Levels
Change the Appearance of your Site
Administer your Forum and Features
Modify your Account Information
Extend Hosting Services
as well as gaining access to the general administration and editing of your Clantoolz Clansite.

As you begin the process of using your New Clansite, we hope you take full advantage of all the features by experimenting, exploring and maximizing via the Admin section and/or Feature edit sections.

Maintaining a secure clansite is an important part of our service and we have made every effort to support controls on forum and clansite access based on the hierarchy of Admin, Clan Leader, Clan Member, Site Member, and Public Visitor.

You may choose to make your clansite Completely Public, Completely Private, or a Combination of the two.

Your Clansite can be completely locked from the Public with a login gate or any given forum in your clansite can have restricted access based on the hierarchy. If you choose to create public access areas on your clansite, be assured that without permissions visitors without permission will only be able to view your clansite content, and not edit, delete, or add to it. Only you and the members you allow specific permissions will be allowed to add, delete, or edit content within your Clansite.

For more information regarding access levels, please see  Clansite Support Forum.

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How Much Does A Clansite Cost?
A Clantoolz Clansite Costs $10.00 per Month.

The Facts:
Developing and maintaining your own clan website from scratch is a
Royal Pain in the Ass!, not to mention a lot of time and energy.

You want to be a Productive Clan Leader.
You also want to Perfect your Game.
So when do you Find Time?

On Top of That...
You will have to spend as much money (if not more) on hosting your data driven website in order to get the same resources Clantoolz offers you without ever having to develop a single line of code!

Long Story Short...
Stop trying to re-invent the wheel! You may spend all that time, end up with less functionality and still have to pay for a hosting service with database capabilities
= (BIG $$$$$ + Time).

Why not use a Clantoolz Clansite as your Clan�s website instead? We offer all the functionality you need, plus It's Cheap!

Also, if you need our tools and already have Your Own Clan Domain Name, we can handle that too! Using our Name Servers (DNS) we can point your domain name(s) "www.YourClanDomain.com" to your new clantoolz clansite "www.clantoolz.com/YourNewClansiteURL" and it will work seamless using that domain name as well. That means you can give out your Established Clan Domain Name and send all your viewers to your fully functioning Clantoolz Clansite.

For more information on Domain Name setup, check out our Clansite Support Forum
We can "Guarantee" that you will save so much time each month using our tools that it will pay for itself in saved time and effort for you and your clan members.


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How Do I Create A Clansite Account?
Go to Clantoolz.com and click Create a Clansite. Follow the instructions. Make sure you have your Credit Card or PayPal information ready in order to pay for your new Clansite.

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What Is An "Account"?
A Clansite "Account" is a record of the basic information used to create your account with Clantoolz.com. Using your "Account Admin" you can edit your account information at any time. The link is found on the Clantoolz.com homesite. Change your password, e-mail address and other general account information as needed using this "Clansite Account Admin". It is important to know that: We do not hold any information regarding your credit card numbers, credit transactions or private credit information within this account record or anywhere else within our web servers.
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"Account Admin" VS. "Clansite Admin"?
Your "Account Admin" is very different from your "Clansite Admin".

Your "Account Admin" is accessed only through the Clantoolz.com homesite, and is for review and modification of your clansite account with us, including extension of services.

Your "Clansite Admin" or "Admin" is accessed through the top or left side navigation of your own Clansite after you login, and allows you to edit "ALL" the Functions and Properties of your Clantoolz Clansite.
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How Do I Close An "Account"?
Closing an Account is simple. Please go to this page: Close My Account and send us a request for site termination. You can also let your clansite expire by doing nothing, if you desire. We do ask that if you have a domain name associated with your clansite that you contact us in order for us to eliminate the DNS record associated with your domain.
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Can I Use My Own Domain Name(s)?
Yes!, Yes!, Yes! We can make your Clantoolz Clansite work under any domain name. Using Our Name Servers (DNS) and Web Servers we can set-up your domain name(s) "www.YourClanDomain.com(s)" to work just like your new clantoolz clansite "www.clantoolz.com/YourNewClanURL". That way you can keep giving out your Established Clan Domain Name and start sending all your viewers to your brand new fully functioning clansite. The clansite will completely function under the new domain you have chosen to set up.